Civil Engineering

John W. Sharp, president of Sharp & Smith, Inc. brings more than 35 years of engineering and land surveying experience to your civil engineering project. At Sharp & Smith, we have knowledge, experience and engineering licenses in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Highway and Roadway Design

With more than 30 years of experience designing highways and roadways, Sharp & Smith has participated in the design and surveying of:

  • SH55 Horseshoe Bend Road from Spring Valley to Horseshoe Bend
  • State Highway projects
  • City Roadways
  • County Highway District projects

Grading and Drainage Design

Every construction project requires grading to control surface water. Because Sharp & Smith, Inc. is experi-enced in irrigation system design, our firm brings the expertise and tools to ensure successful grading and draining design for your project.

Structure Design

To provide the best possible service and ensure a successful project, Sharp & Smith’s civil engineering packages come with design of minor structures needed to support the project.

Irrigation Systems Design

The firm of Sharp & Smith serves as engineers for several Irrigation Districts, making us experts in the design of canals and other water delivery systems.

Irrigation System design may include:

  • Lined canal systems
  • Unlined canal systems
  • Remote sensing
  • Control Structures

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